Alison Potts

Alison is a writer, Meditation and Vitality Coach and teacher and owner of Innate Being and the Innate Being Meditation Lounge in Brisbane.

She runs workshops and retreats in Australia and internationally. She has trained intensively with Lorin Roche PHD and Camille Maurine, the leading developers of instinctive meditation in the West and has 400 hours of Yoga Alliance yoga and meditation teacher training.

Her work has been published by BBC Online, Australian Yoga Journal, Red Magazine, Smart Healthy Women and numerous yoga and wellbeing blogs.

She is on the Faculty of Live Your Bliss Teacher Training and The Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training. 

Diagnosed with MS in 1994, her own conscious healing journey has made her passionate about teaching the power of cherishing our individuality and intuition and sharing practices to connect to our innate states of freedom, healing, creativity, spontaneity and joy.

The meditation and living approach Alison shares is ideally suited for busy, modern 21st Century humans who are in lives of relationship with life and with themselves, and want to enhance that relationship, rather than disconnecting from it. 

She does not teach stilling of the mind, witnessing thoughts, uncomfortable sitting or any other practices of self-abandonment or suppression. She cherishes the fact that we are all individuals and the most freedom we can ever is the freedom and range we gift ourselves on the inside!