Amy Wilkinson

Owner & Principal Instructor

Amy is the founder and owner of Inna Bliss Yoga studios, along with her husband Matt and their tribe of three vibrant children. Her love & commitment to yoga began around 16 years ago, when she stumbled across a teacher in Melbourne who inspired her to embrace yoga as not only a way to access strength and opening in her physical body, but also as a vehicle to open her heart and discover a greater and richer meaning to life via looking within. When life circumstances moved her to Brisbane, her desire to build community and create a space for students to retreat to and immerse in the magic of yoga grew, and so in 2008 she opened the first Inna Bliss studio in the Brisbane Bayside suburb of Wynnum. 

Amy is passionate about following, embodying and living what inspires Bliss. The yoga she teaches is one with heart; designed to cultivate a sense of lightness, spaciousness, and deep connectivity to body, breath & spirit. Her passion lies in the Vinyasa  tradition, blending its fluid style with a clear & organic alignment focus and awareness of the breath. Amy's classes strive to be supportive, engaging & creative, as she invites you to discover strength, surrender, openness & grace within the flow of the practice, and the dynamism of life. Over the years of immersing in the Yoga teachings, Amy has undergone trainings in Vinyasa yoga, Prana flow, Anusara, as well as Prenatal, Active Birth & Postnatal yoga.

She seeks to promote positive change, through encouraging self awareness and aims to bring to the Brisbane community, teachings that are authentic, engaging & deeply empowering, both on and off the mat.