Yoga class styles 

Our yoga classes at Inna Bliss are based around an intuitive,  holistic and contemporary style of Vinyasa yoga, infusing alignment based instruction with flowing sequences & postures, inspired by a deep awareness of our breath & life force energy (prana).  Additionally  we  offer a variety of classes and instructors to choose from catering for those newer to yoga to those with a more experienced practice. We invite you to sample what we have on offer to see what best resonates with you. Enjoy!


A flowing and invigorating practice that synchronises movement with the breath and creative sequences, designed to take you deeper in your body & mind. Within the flow of the  Vinyasa class, we explore intelligent alignment of asanas and encourage you to build strength, discover freedom and feel rejuvenated, as well as deeply Blissed out! 

Suitable for all levels, with variations and modifications offered to support newer students, whilst seasoned yogis will have the opportunity to explore depth in their practice.


Our Beginner Yoga level class. This practice is one of a lower level of intensity, perfect for those who are new to yoga, recovering from an injury or simply wish to refresh the fundamentals. The class is taken at a slower pace with thorough instruction of the breath and correct alignment within the asanas (poses).

The class explores all of the key elements of Vinyasa flow yoga, in a safe & supportive environment. The best place to start for absolute yoga newbies!

Slow Flow

Taken at a slower pace then our Vinyasa classes, our Slow Flow classes offers a practice and pace that allows you to go deeper by moving mindfully and purposefully through the flow of the class. With longer holds, slower transitions and focused alignment we cultivate spaciousness with our bodies, minds & hearts. Open for all levels, beginners can experience a slower pace while seasoned yogis can enjoy moving mindfully and intelligently within their bodies & minds, whilst dipping deeper into the feeling tone of the practice.

Yang to Yin 

A balanced practice that starts with flowing movements and vinyasas to warm & open the body and connect you deeply to your breath. Once warm we transition into a Yin practice for the second half of the class. Here we explore longer and deeper holds for stretching and releasing the connective tissues of the body, relaxing your muscles as you surrender into a peaceful state of mind. 

The second part of the class involves more of a floor based practice, focusing on hip opening poses, forward bends and at times some nourishing restorative poses. It's offers the perfect balance of Yang & Yin energies, leaving your feeling both invigorated & deeply renewed. Catered for all levels.


Yin Yoga is a slower, deeper & more restorative approach to the yoga practice with long, meditative holds in order to delve into the deep connective tissues of the body, create space within the skeletal system & free up internal blockages. 

Yin yoga can be both deeply nourishing, as well as challenging and yet it offers the perfect balance to some of the more 'yang' based physical exercises.


Candlelight flow is a sweet & meditative class with an deep emphasis on internalising the practice, as you connect with your body and move with your breath. This soulful flow practice gradually builds heat, strength & openness whilst allowing the mind to achieve deeper meditation, enhanced by the soft glow of warm candlelight. 

The second half of the practice has a restorative emphasises and often includes  deeper hip opening asanas & floor poses, as well as guided relaxation. Open to all levels.


Our Align classes focus on establishing and maintaining clear and optimal alignment of your physical postures in order to cultivate a balanced practice that will steady, strengthen and empower you in body and mind. These classes offer an engaging practice for all levels of yoga experience, taken at a slower pace, with longer holds and more detailed attention to alignment. Discover ways to build your poses from solid foundations, often with the use of props, and how to go deeper by creating more space, freedom, strength and stability. 

Yin & Meditation

Our Yin and Meditation classes incorporate yin postures designed to open, relax and ground you before being guided deeper within through meditations and relaxations, and finishing with a sweet, long and peaceful savasana. Open to all levels of yoga and meditation experience.


Enjoy a nourishing & restorative practice to unwind and rejuvenate. This class primarily consists of breath work (pranayama), gentle restorative postures, seated meditation and relaxation techniques (Yoga Nidra), all to encourage a deep letting go and centering in body, mind & spirit. It is a deeply holistic class and perfect for those who are looking for more of a slower paced practice and one with a central focus around relaxation and restoration. 

The class encourages positive mind focus, a releasing of stress & anxiety so that you can walk away feeling refreshed, calm and simply blissful. Open to all.

Magic Hour Meditation

Reclaim and reboot yourself at the end of the week with a magical hour of meditation, restoration and relaxation. Meditation is about cherishing all the flavours of life and giving yourself the freedom and space to repair the natural wear-and-tear we all experience and to be revitalised as you connect to deeper joy and meaning. In this instinctive, individuality-honouring approach facilitated by Alison Potts, there is no forcing or blocking or uncomfortable sitting, no restricting of your dreamscape and no silencing or stilling of the mind. Instead, there is complete freedom to be yourself, to spread out, to allow all that matters to you to come forward naturally and all your energies to circulate in their healthy spontaneous flow. In just one hour, experience healing and vitality that will pulse in you long after the class is finished.