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Practical Magic: Realistic Meditation to Ignite the Magic in every day life.

  • Inna Bliss Yoga 1c/57-59, Oxford st Bulimba 4171 Australia (map)

The theory of a daily meditation practice to deliver those well-documented benefits of health and happiness is great.  In reality though, many people just can't see a fit for a meditation practice in their own minds, bodies and lives. The cliché of meditation - an image of someone sitting in lotus at 5.00am in quiet solitude for an hour - is not only unattainable for most of us but, if we are honest, not necessarily appealing.

We live lives of action, love and adventure. We extend ourselves, like an octopus, in at least eight directions at once. Our lives work best when we feel relaxed and alert, dancing deeply with the natural rhythms of action and rest, fulfilled by the action phase and made whole in the rest phase. We need meditation but we need an approach which answers the inner call of our very unique selves to meet the outer call of our particular lives and which answers a need, delivers a result and does so quickly and effectively.

At its most powerful, meditation isn't about running away and hiding from life, only to go right back into the very onslaught you were retreating from.  It is about allowing your mind-body system to do what it knows how to do in a way that suits you and your life best so that you can love more strongly, express more freely, relax more deeply and remember why you are alive. Meditation does not lose its profoundly sacred aura when it is approached in personal and and accessible ways. People have been meditating with their own personal instincts and rhythms since the beginning of time. This is the  Practical Magic of this ancient practice and it is the perfect approach for modern lives.

In this three session course, the first Sunday of each month February - April, you can learn how to create a meditation practiced tailored to your own life and your real personality and make some Practical Magic.....

Session 1 : How To Make Meditation Irresistible and Completely Possible

Sunday Feb 7th, 10am - 12pm

The two most important elements of a personal practice of any kind is that you want to do it so much you look forward to it as you might a piece of chocolate cake, a glass of wine or a long hot bath; and that it is something that is easy to into your particular lifestyle and life's circumstances. Meditation isn't a practice we impose from the outside, it's something we grow from within so that we love it and are empowered creators in our own lives.  This class will show you how. (And how it is entirely possible and healthy to meditate in the bath with a glass of wine AND a piece of chocolate cake if that thought appeals to you!)

Session 2 :  Vacation Meditation For A Life of Action

Sunday March 6th, 10am - 12pm 

Did you take a holiday this summer?  In your relaxed, renewed state, did you rediscover the you that you most want to be and think to yourself: "I like this Me and I want to keep her/him?" Did you feel ideas and plans flowing from your state of holiday grace?  And when you got back, how long did that sense ofintimacy with your desires, your best self and that anything is possible last?  This is the holy grail that meditation done with the right approach, can create the path to.  We are our best selves when we are alert and relaxed in our lives of action.  Vacation Meditation is the perfect medicine for those times when we feel depleted and demotivated - and you don't even have to leave home!

Session 3 :  Meditation For When You Forget Who You Really Are

Sunday April 3rd, 10am - 12pm 

We can all lose track of ourselves in the turbulence of life force, in desperate need of a way to find the path back home to our hearts. We can feel disconnected and alienated from our real selves and unable to greet life with a whole hearted embrace. How can we come back to ourselves and our motivation?  Life is a current, a continual pulsation. It does not stand still. It does however, renew itself, sunrise to sunset, breath to breath. Life force energy pulses inside us, and we too have been given the intelligent inner wiring geared for self renewal. We can stay animated when we discover our own rhythms and learn how to sync them with the rhythms of our lives, so that life becomes a dance, not a battle and we remember again who we really are.

Pricing: $150 if registering for all 3 modules

$55 per individual module

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