Full Moon Meditation

  • Inna Bliss Yoga - Bulimba 1/59 Oxford Street Bulimba, QLD, 4171 Australia

Meditate to harness the potent, beneficial energies of the full moon. At the time of the full moon, our inner life is illuminated and we can connect more closely to who we are and where we are called to express and grow. Let November's moon shine a light on your creations and bless those you want to carry forward. Certain stories in our lives seem to climax at full moon and in meditation, this is also a potent and healing time to let go with compassion old wounds, habits and stories which have run their course. Join Alison for a heart-centred, individuality-honouring guided meditation which harnesses these powerfully supportive celestial energies and guides you through a journey through illuminating, forgiving, releasing, appreciating, cherishing, reclaiming and manifesting.

Investment: $26