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Full Moon Meditation - Bulimba

  • Inna Bliss Yoga - Wynnum 2/182 Bay Terrace Wynnum, QLD, 4178 Australia (map)

April's full moon in Scorpio calls us into our deepest desires!

Our desires have their foundation in our instincts - our instincts to explore, learn, grow and create - so that we have meaningful, authentic lives where we can thrive as exactly who we uniquely are. What has been holding you back from answering their call? The April full moon energy offers an extra boost to our self belief and a reminder that we are supported in our truthful path. This full moon meditation offers an invitation to dwell in our hearts, our desires and to ignite the power of trust.

The full moon is a time of powerful illumination and energetic charge. Certain stories in our lives seem to climax at these times, while others begin. If we want to be in a receiving state to soak up the energy and direct it to where in our life it is needed, then meditating during full moon is a gift. It allows us to harness, assimilate and benefit from these cosmic energies in positive ways. Whatever you might have been looking to clear and release, whatever visions and dreams you still have waiting inside of you to manifest, wherever within you there are things asking for compassion and acceptance, and those blessings you wish for your loved ones and the wider world, this is a powerful and magical time to bring them into your meditation.
Alison guides you gently and deeply into your own deep experience, to fill your being with this cosmic light and allow it to support the healing of what needs to be healed and the expansion of what is ready to grow.

Investment: $26

Inna Bliss Yoga - Bulimba