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Protection Strategies for Sensitives, Empaths & Embodiers

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Do you feel things almost uncomfortably deeply? Are you highly sensitive to other peoples' energy? Do you find yourself taking on other peoples' stress or pain and adapting or modifying your behaviour as a result? Are you intuitive to the point that you can embody or soak up someone else's feelings and experience as if it were your own? As a child or now as an adult, were you anxious, felt isolated or misunderstood? Would you like help with issues of absorbing other peoples' energy, establishing strong energy boundaries and following your truth even when the world does not seem to welcome it? Now more than ever, we need sensitive people in the world, and we need them as thriving, resilient and whole individuals. While you may have grown up being told you were "too sensitive', in fact, your sensitivity is strength an an extraordinary, valuable gift.

Alison Potts of Innate Being is a personal coach and meditation teacher who works with many empathic, sensitive and intuitive individuals to understand, nurture and protect their gift. In this workshop, Alison will introduce you to effective and powerful practices and strategies for

- Understanding, celebrating and nourishing your gifts of sensitivity and intuition

- keeping your personal space private while still being yourself

- Shielding, protecting and nurturing your psychic space

- Inhibiting the tresspassing of others and their stuff into your energy field

- Knowing the vital distinction between what's yours and what belongs to others

- Being able to help without sacrificing your mental and emotional wellbeing

- Staying whole and happy no matter who or what comes your way

Pre-booking essential. Price $60