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Yoga and Menopause workshop

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Wo*Men-o-pause – Speaking the Truth
Menopause is an exquisite metamorphosis. Like puberty and childbirth before it, menopause is a right of passage for women. A period of great fluctuation, heralding the death of what is familiar and the birth of uncertainty, followed by the resurgence of creativity and comfort. Many women have been conditioned to perceive menopause as something to be endured, the inevitable mood fluctuations and temporary imbalances as symptoms of a dis-ease needing therapy (read HRT)! Our time together will open with a gentile and nurturing yoga practice, exploring specific poses and techniques to address symptomatic imbalances (e.g., excess heat in the body, digestive changes, fatigue and insomnia) and meet the needs of the body mind complex during this transition. Yoga has much to offer in guiding women to unwrap the offering of menopause. I will lead a discourse on the spiritual practices that will usher you to embody this transformation. Together, in a sharing circle, we will explore the lifestyle and dietary changes that will nourish you to step with purpose and meaning into the most potent and climatic chapter of your life.We’ve all cultivated a unique body of knowledge. By sharing our experiences and our vulnerabilities we connect and elevate each other towards wholeness, in this way we reclaim our sovereignty as women and menopause as a right of passage. And our time together will conclude with a sweet and deeply rejuvenating restorative practice to relax and nourish body, mind and heart. If women honour themselves during these times and take care of one another, then each metamorphosis gives rise to a new, more powerful voice. This is my offering in honouring you, to help you understand what you are moving away from and what you are being guided to embrace. *

Investment: $80

This event is held at our Wynnum studio.

*Please bring journal, pen and a flower (or simple offering) for our altar….

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