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Freedom & Fluidity in your Spine


This is a therapeutic workshop for anyone who experiences sensitivity, compression or pain in their mid to lower back. Whether these sensations arise from injury, an imbalance/misalignment or tightness and inflexibility, there are common anatomical and energetic patters at play. The workshop is designed to give you an embodied understanding of the contributing factors of back pain. You will also be taught therapeutic yoga poses and techniques to release, lengthen and strengthen the spine and pelvis to relieve pain and help you move with ease. During the workshop you will be guided through two practice sequences – one designed specifically to release back pain and another to develop flexibility.
To continue your journey of healing, you will receive an e-manual and your own inflatable Muscle Release Ball (as used in the workshop). The e-manual contains the one of the practice sequences from the workshop and detailed how to illustrations for each of the poses. In this way you will be able to effectively and safely continue gaining relief and deeper healing. The e-manual also contains additional information and a list of resources for you to access continuing support.

Investment: $100 ~ This includes your own MuscleRelease Ball and e-manual for continuing home practice.

Earlier Event: September 22
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