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Progress on the Path - Yoga intensive with Andrew Mournehis

  • inna Bliss Yoga 57 Oxford St Bulimba Australia (map)


with Andrew Mournehis

 “Every human being should be like a star and follow his own path. A star is free so long as it follows its trajectory. The loss of freedom only begins with departure from the path.”

 Aleister Crowley

The Spiritual path and in particular the Yogic path is one of the most rejuvenating, illuminating and empowering paths to walk. However, it is by no means easy, free of challenges and a “skip through the park”. Quite the contrary it can be filled with obstacles, challenges and blockages to our progress.

Yoga teaches us many things, amongst the most valuable are how to work with these challenges, breakdowns and obstacles on our path. When we can see those challenges as our greatest teachers, then the possibilities for growth and evolution are endless, breakthroughs occur and challenges become merely opportunities for transformation when they arise!

The Path of the Spiritual Warrior is not a path chosen, but rather a calling. Primarily a path of Self discovery and Healing.

The question is ….

How do we gauge the progress on our spiritual path?

There are wisdom markers, intuitive signals and synchronistic signposts along our path that can lead us to a greater place of freedom happiness, joy, and connection to something greater than what we may initially perceive

These 3 days will give you the opportunity to:

  • Discover where you are along your Spiritual Path and apply means to take the next vital steps.

  • Ways to accelerate your progress.

  • Deepen your understanding of Yogic philosophies and teachings.

  • Assimilate and Integrate both Spiritual and Practical ways of living these ancient teachings in present day life.

  • Sharpen you mind and intuitive abilities.

  • Deepen your asana practice beyond the physical and apply ways to live it off the mat.

This intensive will give you many invaluable tools and practices to gauge your Progress on the path.

There will be consolidating handouts to support the teachings.

So come give yourself the opportunity to make progress and accept the Call to take the next steps along your path.


$89 for all 3 mornings. $35 for a single morning.

This event is held at our Bulimba studio

Monday - Wednesday 9.30am - 11.30am.

Later Event: November 12
Yin Yoga Teacher Training - 50 Hours