Chrissy Cush

Psychic Medium, Reiki Master & Relaxation Massage.

For bookings call: 0439 671 056

Inna Bliss Bulimba: Thursdays & Friday

Chrissy is a highly recognized Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and Teacher.
With 16 years professional experience Chrissy consistently delivers highly accurate readings and profound healings. Her past experience has included volunteering Reiki treatments for patients in collaboration with a Cancer Support Program within a major hospital for a total of 3 years.

Chrissy is also a qualified Access Bars practitioner, assisting those who want to eliminate emotional blockages in all areas of life by deleting and defragging old belief systems, and making way for positive change.

As a practitioner of many modalities, Chrissy is also a qualified Relaxation Massage Therapist to ensure you are balanced on a physical level as well.

Visit: www.cosmicwellness.net

Email: chrissycush64@gmail.com