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Emily Jones

Emily’s relationship with yoga is still in the blossoming stages. She first officially fell in love with the practice in 2011, after a traumatic motor vehicle accident left residual anxiety and physical injuries requiring a change of focus. Initially it was the unique connection of breath with movement, and the practice of mindfulness, which provided the greatest benefits; themes which have remained true over the years.

With over 25 years of movement experience in sports and activities as distinctive as gymnastics, weightlifting and circus aerials; Emily quickly resonated with flowing and moving in the style of vinyasa. It wasn’t long though before she identified the strong yang-like dominance to her life and she began to develop  a great appreciation for the slowing down and balance involved in the practice of Yin.

With 18 years of experience teaching gymnastics, waterskiing and aerials workshops, Emily identified immediately that she’d love to share the practice of yoga with students. As a clinical nurse, Emily is passionate about health, and the cultivation of this using mind-body connection and self-awareness. Helping others is innate in her nature and her classes are an invitation to get to know oneself, with offerings of mindfulness and meditative practices, designed to be of use and benefit in everyday life.

As a lifelong learner, Emily has completed several post graduate nursing qualifications, 200hr Acroyoga teaching training, 350hr Level 1 yoga teacher training in 2017, and is enrolled in an upcoming 50hr yin teacher training.