Our Inna bliss family

Amy Wilkinson

Amy is the founder and owner of Inna Bliss Yoga studios, along with her husband Matt and their tribe of three vibrant children. 

Her love & commitment to yoga began around 16 years ago, when she 


Claudia Piazza

In hindsight it seems that Yoga found Claudia, rather than the other way around. A deep desire to expand her knowledge and create her own practice, led to her first teacher training, even though she had no intention of teaching at the time.

Matt McGuiness

Matt never in his wildest dreams could've guessed that he would end up practicing & teaching yoga. Coming from a traditional 'Aussie' sporting background, Matt now finds himself right at home with the practice of yoga.

He enjoys creating practices that are anatomically focused whilst inviting students to explore underlying themes along the way.


Riss Carlyon

Riss is a passionate E-RYT-500 who has been teaching for 9 years. Riss's story is one of her yoga practice insisting that she begin to live a life driven by the wisdom of hrdaya (the heart).

Martin Collyer

Martin has a background as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer who dedicated himself to yoga practice as a way to find more richness of body, mind and emotion to enhance life and work as an elite performer. 

Kat Lynn

With an interest in helping others and a strong yearning for finding the reasons behind the amazing workings of the human body, upon leaving school Kat studied Chiropractic, Musculoskeletal Therapy and Kinesiology. 


Yasuyo Uehara

As a holistic counsellor, life-long meditator, and yoga teacher, Yasuyo enjoys supporting others to connect with their deepest truth, free to choose how and where to direct life energy with more intention and effectiveness. 

Kye Cole

After about 10 years of regular yoga practice Kye is still doing yoga for one reason: Comfort. Kye's tried many other forms of therapy, but from day to day, week to week yoga is the one form of therapy that brings some level of  comfort every time. 

Mandy Shearn

Mandy teaches from the heart: all that is done on the mat is humble work. She urges students to unravel with safety, self awareness and a big dash of humour. We are all perfectly imperfect. Mandy discovered yoga in 1999 and relishes the strength, calm and focus it brings to her life. 


Jill Wills

It seems for most of Jill's life she has been doing yoga. She first introduced yoga to her dance students in 1982, using yoga asanas as a strengthening tool for the physical and emotional body.

Alison Potts

Alison's journey began 25 years ago when she was dealt a hand she never expected nor would ever have asked for. Alison was diagnosed with MS and it became, surprisingly, the gateway to far bigger healing in every part of herself and her life than she could ever have imagined. 

Christine Sharp

Christine was first drawn to yoga in an attempt to reconnect and give back to herself following years of dedication to family and raising her small children. 


Thia Tran

Thia began practising yoga over 5 years ago and gained her first internationally recognised yoga teaching qualification in Himachal Pradesh, India in 2012. Thia offers a traditional style branching from Ashtanga Yoga. 


Catalina Herrera

Catalina's journey towards Yoga started in 2002 when she moved from her home country Colombia, South America. 

Vanessa Ritson

Vanessa teaches yoga to share the practice of self-awareness - one of the most valuable and practical skills learned in her lifetime through yoga and meditation. 


Dee Hughes

Dee discovered yoga after struggling for many years with chronic illness and a demanding career in advertising and magazine publishing. Her passion is to teach classes in the Hatha/Vinyasa tradition with a focus on breathing and healthy alignment to promote spiritual and physical awareness, oh and to have fun. 

Brodie Rees

Brodie Rees

Brodie is a certified Yoga Instructor based in Brisbane.

Her 20 plus years experience as a dancer, has contributed to her deepened awareness and appreciation of the body and breath.

Rehana Lakhani

Rehana began practicing yoga in her early 20s. She was captivated by the focus on the breath and the alignment of body, mind and spirit. Rehana believes yoga is transformational and is a path toward self-discovery. 



Debbie Lewis

Debbie Lewis

Iris Six

Iris was initially drawn to Yoga to find a long lasting release for her recurrent back problems, but was soon also amazed by the great joy and peace of mind it brought her.