Satya Lynn

With an interest in helping others and a strong yearning for finding the reasons behind the amazing workings of the human body, upon leaving school Kat studied Chiropractic, Musculoskeletal Therapy and Kinesiology. In an effort to find a way of allowing clients to have longer lasting peace and happiness within their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, Kat found yoga.

Through living the yogic lifestyle Kat brings her love and joy of yoga through her teaching. It is an honour to share the ancient teachings of this sacred science in each class with a focus on releasing tension and restlessness in the body so it can remain in complete stillness in meditation, reconnecting to our essential nature. Each yoga pose is an opportunity to experience self-acceptance of this present moment, now, experiencing peace in the body and mind through the vehicle of the breath.

Kat is a devoted yogi, meditator, health advocate, student, lecturer, musculoskeletal therapist, kinesiologist, musician, daughter, sister and friend. With a strong emphasis on structure, physiology and energy medicine, Kat’s classes offer a firm foundation in the breath, intention setting, safe structural alignment, finding the edge between strength and flexibility, inner listening, living in the present, smooth transitions, moving into stillness and self-love. Concluding the class with meditation, Kat and her fellow yogis are often found chanting the ancient chants of yogic scripture. As a holistic therapist, seeing no part of the being separate from another, more energetic insights are shared depending on what is organically presented in the group of yogis on the day, to leave you feeling uplifted, radiant and at peace.