Kye Cole

“Everything we do in life is really about 1 thing: Finding Joy! Joy can only be felt and experienced in the present moment and within the boundaries of our own bodies.”

This is the intention behind each of Kye’s classes. Kye teaches with awareness and alignment, and loves challenging students; not in how well they are doing the poses, but in how well they are paying attention to the details of the practice and the details of their bodies. This kind of presence and awareness leads us to a place beyond the body and beyond the mind where a sense of permanent joy can eventually be sensed.

When circumstances permit, expect to have your savasana accompanied with the melodic sounds of guitar and mantra.

Kye Cole immigrated to Australia from Canada in 2003. Moving away from a career as an engineer, Kye spent 12 years working as a professional musician. In 2008, Kye started his yoga journey in earnest. “Yoga was the only therapy that gave me at least some relief from my growing discomfort and has actually helped me rehab many injuries and functional limitations without turning to surgery.

I can’t even start to describe the emotional and mental benefits!” Kye started teaching in January 2013 and finished his 200hr teacher training with My Health Yoga in August 2013. Looking for a deeper level of practice, Kye found his way to Iyengar Yoga in 2014, and Vipassana meditation in 2015. He now practices regularly with his teacher Jamie Denham, has a daily meditation practice, and has been participating in the 400hr Iyengar teacher training with senior teacher Simon Marrocco.