Kye Cole

Kye started doing yoga for one reason: Comfort. After about 10 years of regular yoga practice Kye is still doing yoga for one reason: Comfort. Kye's tried many other forms of therapy, but from day to day, week to week yoga is the one form of therapy that brings some level of comfort every time. Kye's yoga journey started relatively late in life in an attempt to reduce the discomfort and pain caused from multiple sport injuries, repetitive stress injuries, extreme stiffness and bodily imbalance. As a result Kye's yoga practice and teaching style is slow, steady and conservative. It also means that Kye is very empathetic towards other people's limitations and concerns during their yoga practice. For Kye, a great yoga practice is all about the Ego.

Too often our practice is based on what we want to achieve on the mat, when our practice should be about what we want to achieve off the mat. If you keep that one concept in mind and remember to breathe, your practice will always be productive and always be safe. Kye's practice has not only allowed him more physical comfort but also more emotional and mental comfort, so you can count on a little bit of spiritual wisdom with every class, both from Kye's personal experience and some gleaned from the masters who have come before us.