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Manisha Turner

Manisha’s intention as an Yoga Teacher is to help her students discover a connection with their deepest selves, in doing so she hopes they’ll find acceptance of their bodies and unique differences, while also developing confidence and growth within their own Yoga practice and journey through life.

Manisha’s teaching style is raw and intuitive, she teaches from my heart. Combining traditional philosophy and asana with a modern twist, Manisha enjoys making sequences fun as well as challenging, but always focuses on the proper breath techniques and alignment.

Our breath is our guide and she likens the breath to a ‘Sherpa’ getting us all up and down the mountain together with grace and ease.

A sign of an advanced yogi is not so much about the quality of their moves, rather, the quality of their breath. So it’s important to learn to breathe, fully and deeply. She is trained in Vinyasa Yoga, as well as Pilates, and she also has a background in Fitness and Personal Training.

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