Matt McGuinness

A father of three, husband, teacher, student and explorer of life! Matt spends his days wearing many welcomed different hats, all of which have brought him much joy.

Matt arrived to the practice of yoga after years of trying a number of different activities that seemed to never quite fully ignite his internal fire. Matt is drawn to the practice of yoga by its authenticity and intrinsic nature. The ability of yoga to transform oneself on so many levels fascinates him immensely and continues to enjoy the teachings & learning of yoga on and off the mat.

Matt never in his wildest dreams could've guessed that he would end up practicing & teaching yoga. Coming from a traditional 'Aussie' sporting background, Matt now finds himself right at home with the practice of yoga.

He enjoys creating practices that are anatomically focused whilst inviting students to explore underlying themes along the way.

He has recently completed a 300 hour, level 2 teacher training with his teacher Noah Maze and welcomes you to come and share in these practices as he integrates them into his classes.