Meditation Course

Many of us are now aware that meditation is good for us! 

It helps to calm our minds, is effective in reducing stress and anxiety, it can induce feelings of overall wellbeing and inner peace and much, much more. So how does one go about establishing and maintaining a meditation practice ?

Join long time meditator & gifted facilitator Claudia Piazza in this 6 week workshop series that will guide you through various techniques so that you may discover what works for you. 

Over the course you explore pranayama (life-force control), visualisation, working with mantras, the use of mala beads, chanting and yoga nidra. You will be introduced into what meditation is and isn't; establish guidelines to develop a consistent practice, delve into the workings of the mind and look at strategies for increasing awareness and focus. 

So if you have been curious about meditation or perhaps you have tried to meditate but without much success, this is a wonderful opportunity to dive deep and explore this extremely beneficial practice with guidance and

Bookings are essential. No remaining 2015 intakes.

Course Price
N/A at this time. Full payment is required upon booking in order to secure your spot.

Price Includes:
6 consecutive weeks of the course.