Empower Your Instincts

Course Pre-requites & Registration

This course is suitable for those wanting to deepen their own meditation and associated inner life practices without a desire to teach at this stage, as well as existing and aspiring teachers who wish to share this work across a variety of fields.

While no specific meditation training is necessary, applicants need to demonstrate a genuine interest in developing inner practices for their personal lives.

It is preferred that those taking the course will have had some contact with Instinctive Meditation, preferably via the work of Alison Potts – Innate Being (in person via mentoring, courses, workshops or retreats with Inna Bliss Yoga or via her online content).

Contact with the work of the guest presenters Emma Baker, Alison Sykes and Tabatha Smith or with Lorin Roche PHD, Camille Maurine and other teachers of Instinctive Meditation will also be taken into account. Successful candidates who have not had this previous contact will be expected to engage with the work in the time leading up to the training.

Candidates may be invited to interview with Alison Potts, by phone.

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