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Sharon Ford

Remedial Massage

For bookings, call: 0417 463 001

Inna Bliss Yoga Studio Wynnum

Available Every Second Saturday 1pm - 6pm

Sharon Ford is a Remedial Massage Therapist who focuses on giving a thorough all round deep tissue, therapeutic massage incorporating Niagara Therapy Cycloid Vibration into the treatment.

She originally trained in London over 20 years ago, doing an aromatherapy and Chinese medicine qualification and learning Swedish Massage.  She completed her Certificate IV Remedial Therapy in 2002 and went on to work hands-on for the next 10 years as a mobile deep tissue masseuse.  Having an interest in alternative healing methods and the effects of mind-body medicine, she has studied different modalities and is currently training in Access Consciousness, The Bars method.

Sharon has personally experienced the results and benefits of Niagara Therapy after breaking her arm in several places after a fall off a horse 7 years ago.  Using the Niagara unit every day she experienced first-hand the amazing effects of the device.  It eliminated damaged cells, fluid and toxins around the injured site and it healed the severe break in record time.  She has found that by combining the medical grade device with the massage, it gives access to deep muscles and joints and a more effective treatment for pain relief.  The effects of the circulation stimulation continue to work for 8 hours after the treatment.

Sharon’s passion is about natural health, wellness and creativity.  When she’s not transforming the body from the physical level through massaging, she is creating chakra t-shirts and feel good, radiant clothing!

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