Inna Bliss Wellness Spaces

Situated within both our Bulimba studio and Wynnum studio we have our Wellness spaces, with a team of dedicated health & wellbeing practitioners offering a diversity of amazing treatments and healing sessions to our community. Our treatment rooms are also available to lease on a regular basis.  Find out more about hiring our treatment rooms. 

Our Practitioners

Craig Baron

Integrative Naturopath

With over 10 years of experience working in the Natural Health and Complementary Medicines field, Craig is an Integrative Naturopathic Clinician specialised in patients with complex mood, sleep, behaviour, energy, hormonal and mental health challenges. Craig is dedicated to delivering a personalised, holistic, results-driven approach that also aims to empower and educate his patients.

Kim Jewell

Behavioural Specialist, Mind Coach & Stress Specialist

Kim works with others to release stress, emotions, & limiting beliefs. Which in turn creates healing on all levels of the mind & body system.

Natalie Sellars

Kindred Toxin Free Facials: Holistic Facialist

Designed to leave your soul singing, and skin glowing, owner, Natalie Sellars, with 16 years experience, and a love of all things health and wellness, will treat you to a facial with heart. 


Elle Povey

The Soul Space: Counselling, Energy Healing & Meditation

Elle is a holistic counsellor and therapist supporting deep, positive life transformation. 

Satya Lynn (Kat)

Musculoskeletal Therapist and Kinesiologist

Kat is a musculoskeletal therapist, kinesiologist, yoga teacher, course writer and lecturer the two passions of treating and teaching have allowed for her to integrate many therapies and modalities for the wellbeing of her clients. Kat has been treating in multimodality clinics and in home practice since 2009 specializing in structural, emotional or spiritual balancing.

Jamie Lee

Craniosacral Therapist

After finding craniosacral therapy as an invaluable support in my own life I discovered a biodynamic craniosacral therapy course while living overseas in Edinburgh.  My course is nearing its end and I will be fully qualified in no time at all.  As I am currently still studying I am offering free craniosacral sessions.




Gregg McDonald

Bowen Therapist

Gregg's passion in assisting people to better health is strongly evident in the individual care he gives each client. With 20 years experience analysing workplace movement and training people in their roles - he understands the complexities of work, everyday life and the stresses we may bear.
Now in his 5th year as a Bowen Therapist - Gregghas achieved the equivalent of 'Masters' in Bowen Therapy. 

Sanmatha Nathan


The human body has a powerful ability to heal itself naturally. Not many people know how to utilize this ability. Sanmatha's role is to educate her clients to overcome their health issues (weight management, diabetes, thyroid issues, food intolerance, allergies etc) using a natural approach. She prefers treating the causes than the symptoms.