Yasuyo Uehara

Yasuyo grew up in New York and Japan learning to seamlessly flow between the serenity of pebbled paths, temple drums, and rhythmic chants and the hyperrealism of Wallstreet, Fashion Ave, and Broadway. Within this abundance of sensory experiences, she embraced change and difference, sought time-worn wisdom from ancient traditions, absorbed ideas and climbed the heights of modern scientific investigation into mind-body-spirit. She is staunchly committed to finding and practicing the middle axis that rests between separation and opposites, a place like the pause between breaths that is creative, enlivening, and onward leading.

As a holistic counsellor, life-long meditator, and yoga teacher, Yasuyo enjoys supporting others to connect with their deepest truth, free to choose how and where to direct life energy with more intention and effectiveness. She offers Mindfulness Yoga as a path to wisdom, connection, and joyful living.