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Embodying & Embracing Meditation Your Way


One of the things that can put people off meditation is the idea that it is hard or requires concentration, blocking thoughts and emotions and sitting still for a long period of time no matter how uncomfortable that feels. 

This can be a stereotypical view of meditation, but in fact there are many ways to meditate, and you can meditate for all kinds of reasons.  Meditation is exciting and rewarding when it arises from within you and is designed to fit who you are. The practice of innate meditation recognizes that we are innately wired to meditate.  Our own selves need particular individual medicine, healing and nourishment to create all the flavours that allow us to thrive in our lives. 

Do you want to find your own meditation gateways, find connection to your inner guide, your intuition and your calling?  Do you want to heal, to build a stronger sense of self and a more compassionate and loving space inside you so that you can thrive in harmony with yourself and the world with both peacefulness and a zest for life?

Join Alison Potts of Innate Being, In this two- part course, in which you will explore a range of potential gateways into that most enchanted of spaces – your own meditation space. Enjoy discovering a way of coming home to yourself and feeling a zest for life you may have forgotten in an approach which is free, spacious and delightful and gives you full permission to be yourself.

Dates & Times: 

Sunday July 24th & Sunday July 31st, 1 - 3pm both days.



"Say YES to you" challengers, save 40% off and course counts to 4 classes in your challenge tally. Email for promo code.