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Back to Bliss : Weaving Magic Through Your Everyday Life

A workshop with heart, for your heart. 

The best moments of life are ones where our hearts swell with appreciation and wonder for the gift we have in this mystery we call life. The simplest moments and experiences can bring the most profound moments of life cherishing. Yet, we all at times experience life as a treadmill, a flat line or a fight to stay in touch with meaning. There are skills and practices we can learn to remain at ease while feeling under pressure, to become flooded with light even in a windowless room. 

From waking to sleeping, from car to office, from office to home - In this game-changing workshop, meditation and well-being specialist Alison Potts (Innate Being) guides us through practices to reclaim the extraordinary in our so called ordinary lives. This workshop is for anyone who wants to fall in love with their lives again, including anyone who is dealing with anxiety, turmoil or feelings of low self -worth that seem to be blocking their access to a full experience of themselves and life.

This workshop is being held at Inna Bliss Yoga Bulimba.

Investment: $50

Bookings are essential.