Live Your Bliss - Level 1 Teacher Training

March - May 2020


Inna Bliss Yoga is delighted to present 'Live Your Bliss', a unique, in depth and transformative approach to Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training.

We invite dedicated yogis to invest their heart and energy into this  3 month intensive training in alignment-infused Vinyasa, including a 3 day luxe immersion retreat, as well as an ongoing small group mentoring program led by Riss Carlyon, Amy Wilkinson & Martin Collyer. Additionally on our teacher faculty, Alison Potts of Innate Being leads the life affirming, individually-cherishing and embodied meditation teaching component.

With an emphasis on contact hours, in depth study, teaching practice and the functional application of yoga in a modern studio setting, this course is designed to enrich your life, taking you deeper in your practice,  and empowering you with the skills, confidence and knowledge to rise up to your highest potential, both on and off the mat. 

This one of kind training offers an inspiring fusion of postures, alignment, anatomical precepts, sequencing, philosophy, meditation, mantra, myth, mudra and the practice and magic of embodying and living your yoga blissFULLY.  We acknowledge the traditional roots of yoga and its rich and diverse history, and deliver the teachings in a practical and exciting way, encouraging you to embark upon your own journey of personal growth and conscious transformation. 

If you are ready to take your practice to the next level, and are dedicated in immersing yourself in a time of growth & expansion, cultivating lasting change in your life, then this course is for you!

Why train with us?

Created by passionate Inna Bliss Yoga senior teachers, our intention was born from a desire to design the most ideal, practical and comprehensive Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training program, passing forward the skills which have most served us in leading high quality yoga classes over many years of teaching. 

We are passionate about delivering a truly dynamic and integrative course program that is deeply transformational, for experienced students with an ongoing and consistent yoga practice, whether or not you choose to engage in a teaching role.

For those of you wishing to share the art of yoga with others, this in-depth training and small group mentoring program, will empower and equip you with the practical tools and confidence needed to teach from your own authentic practice, whilst being grounded in your knowledge of clear alignment principles, yoga philosophy and anatomical awareness. 

You will learn first hand the components needed to deliver creative and intelligent sequences, to use as part of your teaching tools, and be provided with access to your trainer's key teaching resources, including class plans, themes and playlists.

Upon completion of the course, you will have the opportunity to teach within a live studio setting, via community classes across Inna Bliss's three locations, with the prospect to move into permanent teaching roles within our Brisbane studios. 


  • Commencing with a 6 day intensive at our Camp Hill studio.

  • 6 full additional weekends of Brisbane based training at our Camp Hill studio.

  • A fully catered 3 day luxe retreat intensive, in which participants will be fully immersed in yoga lifestyle & personal transformation, within a stunning setting at Gymea Eco resort, in Northern NSW. Included is deluxe shared accommodation as well as fully catered vegetarian meals.

  • Small group & individualised mentoring program to support each participant in their personal evolution to become a confident, inspired and integrated teacher and bring forth their own unique gifts. This design pays homage to the traditional lineage of yoga where a student learns from a teacher in an ongoing relationship that supports a robust learning journey.

  • 3 month unlimited Inna Bliss Yoga pass to be used during your training period

  • Opportunity to assist and teach within a live studio setting, guided and supported by your trainers.

  • Support and personal guidance, facilitated by 1-3 training facilitators on any given training day.

Course outline

  • Yoga history and philosophy

  • In depth study of yoga asanas, families of poses & alignment

  • Anatomy & physiology applied in yoga

  • Pranayama, mudras, chanting, mantras and mythology

  • Meditation practical experience and training with Alison Potts of Innate Being.

  • Energetic anatomy (Chakras & Nadis) & metaphysics

  • Introduction to Sanskrit

  • Study of Bhagavad Gita & the Yoga Sutras

  • Physical & energetic alignment, enhancing & adjusting

  • Sequencing asanas into creative and intelligent flows

  • Class planning and construction, theming & methods of inspiration

  • Teaching skills: demonstration, observation, mirroring, verbal cueing & effective communication.

  • Seat of the teacher & key attributes of a 'Live Your Bliss' teacher

  • Yoga lifestyle

  • Teaching practice, observations, assisting & feedback

  • How to get started as a professional yoga teacher & love what you do!

Dates of training

2020 Course commences in March! Applications are now Open!

6 Day intensive : Tuesday March 3rd - Sunday March 8th

Weekend 1 : March 14th - 15th

Weekend 2: March 21st - 22nd

Retreat : April 2nd - 5th

Weekend 3: April 25th - 26th

Weekend 4: May 9th - 10th

Weekend 5: May 23rd - 24th

Final weekend: May 30th - 31st

* All Brisbane training days will be held at Inna Bliss Yoga Camp Hill

Weekday Times: 8.30am - 4.30pm. Weekend Times: Saturdays: 9.15am - 5.30pm and Sundays : 9.30am - 3.00pm

A 90% attendance rate is required by all participants for full completion and certification of the course.

In addition, a minimum of 20 Inna Bliss Yoga classes must be attended over the duration of the course as well as a minimum 20 hours of homework study and practice. 


 “The 200YTT at Inna Bliss exceeded my expectations. We learned so much more than I expected and I felt so confident after the course that I went on to teach straight away. I had so much fun along the way and the friends I have made through doing the course I have no doubt will be friends forever. Can't thank Inna Bliss enough for setting the bar so high and giving me the best possible start for my yoga teaching career”.

Katie, 2019 graduating trainee

“The Inna Bliss Yoga teacher training was such a wonderful, comprehensive and caring program, allowing each student to bring their own strengths and offerings to the yoga community. I feel like the diverse range of skills I have gained from each teacher through out the training has given me the confidence to plan and teach well thought-out classes in the community with precision. I can not speak highly enough of Inna Bliss Yoga and its teachers and I would definitely recommend this course!! Thank you again Inna Bliss Yoga”.

Janine, 2019 graduating trainee

"Inna Bliss is a home away from home. This teacher training went above and beyond all my expectations, and left me feeling excited and capable of practicing as a teacher. My teachers are truly inspiring and wise practitioners and clearly so dedicated in their own studentship. I cannot recommend this training enough."

- Kate, 2017 graduating trainee

"Inna Bliss YTT was both challenging and amazing. I believe it prepared me as much as possible to start exploring this journey of teaching and every day I see myself integrating what I learnt on and off the mat"

- Andrea 2017 graduating trainee


"All three teachers were authentic and committed to producing a life affirming outcome. Students benefited from the diversity of their teachers experience, to build a broad perspective and practice of yoga teaching."

- Roger, 2016 graduating trainee


"Excellent program. Warm, knowledgeable and empowering teachers. Just the environment to learn!"

- Victoria, 2016 graduating trainee


"Splendidly well prepared and brilliant delivery. A seriously strong program with the highest principles, provided with warmth, care and outstanding expertise."

- Andi 2016 graduating trainee


"I read once that when you dive from the height of your mind down into the deep abyss of your heart that suddenly your world becomes centred. You can trust in yourself because you know you're dreams and desires are coming from the place that harvests all of the positivity in you. When we emerge from this place and walk a path that's true to us - follow dreams that are truest to our hearts desires - the whole universe begins to conspire in supporting us.
This course will broaden your horizons, challenge you physically, mentally and spiritually. It fills you to the brim with knowledge and experience while expanding the space inside that houses the very essence of you. Those who embark on this journey with you become more than classmates and the nurturing and support you receive from Amy, Riss and Marty, both individually and as a team, will have you teaching and reaching for stars you never thought you'd fly to. After extensive research into the continuation of my studies I'm struggling to find any other education like it. The course was so much more than I ever imagined. Each student is so cared for mentally and physically by the individual qualities that each of our teachers brought. Everything from asanas to Sanskrit, anatomy to philosophy & mythology, endless hours of practice to guided meditation with the stunning Alison Potts, the formulation of class sequencing to finding the confidence to guide those into that state of peace you find yourself in yoga. Most importantly the personal journey of understanding the world we live in today, who you are and the place you hold as the unique and authentic individual you are. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Amy, Riss, Marty and Alison for all of effort, support, patience and love they provided. They made the world I live in brighter and guided me in turning the spark inside into a burning flame of confidence and pure utter joy. Thank you. You each hold a scared space in my heart"

- Kellie, 2016 graduating trainee


"Live Your Bliss YTT was life changing. Initially, the course took what I thought I knew about my yoga practice and flipped it on its head. Not only that though; it redefined -- for me at least -- the power of being truly open to all of life's possibilities and being called forth to do something greater than I ever though possible. The process will take you to the edge of your comfort zone and often beyond... but that's where the magic happens and the real learning begins in my experience. As such, I can't recommend this course highly enough!"

- Lachy, 2016 graduating trainee


"Live Your Bliss teacher training was a life-changing, self-changing, yoga-changing experience that I will never forget. From the incredible teachers who poured their hearts, knowledge and beautiful souls into delivering a course that was just way above the standard, to the amazing yogis I met in the course, the luscious retreat at Gymea, and the resources and tools that I left with. Everything was incredible and I would not have had this experience any other way" 

- Carly, 2016 graduating trainee


"The opportunity to undertake Teacher Training offered by Inna Bliss in January this year, invited me to invest my heart and energy into intensive training, with an emphasis on contact hours, in depth study, practice, and functional application of yoga in a modern studio setting. In short, it invited me to dig in. I accepted the invitation, excited by the prospect of enriching my Life, deepening my practice, and empowering myself with the skills, confidence and knowledge to rise up to my highest potential, both on and off the mat. Without doubt, the training was intense, practically focussed and empowering (from both a student and a teaching perspective). Also without doubt, it absolutely needed, and deserved, my personal commitment. After all, I was the person making an investment in me, and I was the person best placed to determine the return on my investment.  But the work was indeed the reward. This opportunity has been the most wonderful journey of discovery and awakening. My soul was nourished, nurtured and supported by teachers and mentors with a depth of yoga experience, heart, soul, and unfettered passion, for their craft, and Life, and a willingness to share. I discovered that class sequencing is most certainly an art. But more significantly I had the opportunity to discover and give full artistic expression to my authentic self, and to grow to love her unconditionally in the making. My Life has been irrevocably changed and enhanced as a result of accepting your invitation, and I would not hesitate to recommend this training to anyone interested in working to become all their wonderful potential, on or off the yoga mat".

- Robyn, 2016 graduating trainee


Full course cost : $4399

A $500 (non-refundable) deposit is due by all applicants upon successful acceptance into the course

Balance of the course fees are due by Jan 31th, 2020.

Payment plans for balance of fees

9 month payment plan:  Payments due the 1st of every month, commencing Oct 1st - June 1st / $447.10 per month

8 month payment plan:  Payments due the 1st of every month, commencing Nov 1st - June 1st / $503 per month

6 month payment plan:  Payments due the 15th of every month, commencing Jan 1st - June 1st / $671 per month

* If you have any other preferred payment schedule please reach out as we have flexibility with dates


Training Recognition

To ensure your teaching qualifications are recognised by an international association that regulates the yoga industry, upon course completion, all of our teacher trainees will be able to register their 200hr certification with Yoga Alliance ( Membership with this organisation will ensure prospective clients can easily find you, and that you have an ongoing basis of support and professional recognition.

For more information on membership benefits, see:

  • Yoga Alliance -